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Download data in minutes.

Get high quality data 24/7. Choose from dozens of selects and tailor
the perfect list from over 200 million consumer records and over 14 million businesses.

How It Works
1. Login in using your username and password.

2. Click on “New Count.”

3. Choose from ten geographic selects, including state, county, ZIP, carrier routes and more. You can also omit geographic areas with our omit function.

4. Click either “Consumer Criteria” for consumers or “Business Criteria” for businesses.

5. Choose from dozens of consumer selects or business selects.

6. Click “Continue With Count.”

7. Follow the directions to download your data, or revise your count.

Advantages to Your Business
  • Download data quickly, easily and inexpensively.
  • Receive support from a data expert if required.
  • Tailor your list to pinpoint exactly the leads you’re looking for.

Contact Us
Work with a data expert anytime you need assistance.
Call (877) 288-3282 (option 3) to speak with an Redi-Counts representative.